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Enable Web Sockets support and IIS 8 on Windows 8

Like windows 7, Windows 8 comes with the whole potential of IIS features, like his “server brother” – server 2012. While windows servers are configured from “Add Roles and Features”, windows desktops IIS is configured through “Turn windows features on or off” Click the Windows button Type: Turn windows features on or off Navigate to: Internet […]

Windows Azure officially adds IaaS to its stack of services

You can now “rent” your VM over the cloud now – IaaS is quite strait forward and Azure is starting with MS’ Windows, BizTalk and SQL servers, as well as Linux VMs. What I find very interesting is how this huge fact will affect Azure’s PaaS, especially the correlated services, like Cloud Services and SQL Azure

Neo4j windows 8 setup

I wanted to share some small issues I found during the simple setup and db-start actions of Neo4j over Windows 8 Download the windows community edition of Neo4j for Windows from here: If your extracting it to C:/ folder, like me, you’ll need to run the start batch file from a command line with admin […]

VirtualBox – extend a windows virtual disk

Basically when extending a VM disk there are 2 logical steps: Extend the VM file (in our case the VDI file) Extend the disk from withing the Guest OS As of VirtualBox 4.0 you can use a simple command line – VBoxManage modifyhd Ex: Resizing an XP VM to 20 GB: C:\Users\myuser\VirtualBox VMs\XP>”C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox\VBoxManage” modifyhd XP.vdi –resize […]

Azure Identity – SSO PaaS!

You can now manage your Single-Sign-On as Platform-as-a-Service Great for SUs who need just this kind of elasticity, especially as they grow Azure Identity –  

mongoDB over python in 10 minutes

Install mongoDB – a great, yet simple, document oriented NoSQL DB  Install PyMongo – looks like the simplest Python driver for mongoDB (needs Python, of course) Start querying in no time! To read some more: About mongoDB About BSON format Basic CRUD operations