VirtualBox – extend a windows virtual disk

· Virtual Box, Windows

Basically when extending a VM disk there are 2 logical steps:

  1. Extend the VM file (in our case the VDI file)
  2. Extend the disk from withing the Guest OS

As of VirtualBox 4.0 you can use a simple command line – VBoxManage modifyhd

Ex: Resizing an XP VM to 20 GB:

C:\Users\myuser\VirtualBox VMs\XP>”C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox\VBoxManage” m
odifyhd XP.vdi –resize 20480

On success you should get something like that:


Now from the guest OS run diskmgmt.msc

Select the disk you want to extend and extend it!

Note: on windows XP it’s not possible to extend your system volume without a 3rd party


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