Neo4j windows 8 setup

· Neo4j, Windows 8

I wanted to share some small issues I found during the simple setup and db-start actions of Neo4j over Windows 8

  1. Download the windows community edition of Neo4j for Windows from here:
  2. If your extracting it to C:/ folder, like me, you’ll need to run the start batch file from a command line with admin rights:
    1. Press “windows key”
    2. Type “cmd”
    3. right click on the “command prompt” result and select below “Run as administrator”
    4. From the command prompt run: cd c:\neo4j\bin
    5. And: Neo4j.bat start

If you get the error (like I did) “Error: Unable to access jarfile c:\neo4j\bin\windows-service-wrapper-*.jar”:

    1. Open for edit C:\neo4j\bin\base.bat file
    2. Replace “windows-service-wrapper-*.jar” with the jar file name you see under C:\neo4j\bin folder (In my case it was “windows-service-wrapper-4.jar”)
    3. Run again: Neo4j.bat start – that should be it!


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