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Cassandra on Windows 8 (without DataStax)

In addition to other OS Cassandra’s binaries, for Windows DataStax provides an MSI installation and the ability to run as a service. If you want the basic binaries to run on Windows (like in the getting started page –, follow these simple steps: Java – as a prerequisite – (make sure JAVA_HOME is set) Download the tarball […]

Pivotal HD – early access registration stage

Pivotal HD is, in short, about wrapping Hadoop distribution nicely with full SQL support and easy virtualization and storage integration, from Pivotal’s parents EMC & VMware. Pivotal HD –

Install NLTK on 64-bit Windows

There is a known, yet not well documented, issue with python installation on 64-bit Windows. If you try any of the NLTK setups (PyYaml, Python Tools, NLTK) – you’ll get “Python is not found in the registry” error. The solution is to start with step 1 from NLTK install-page: Then, download and run the […]