Cassandra on Windows 8 (without DataStax)

· Cassandra, Windows 8

In addition to other OS Cassandra’s binaries, for Windows DataStax provides an MSI installation and the ability to run as a service.

If you want the basic binaries to run on Windows (like in the getting started page –, follow these simple steps:

  1. Java – as a prerequisite – (make sure JAVA_HOME is set)
  2. Download the tarball from
  3. Extract to c:\cassandra
  4. Under c:\cassandra create these 4 folders: data, commitlog, saved_caches, log
  5. Edit c:\cassandra\conf\cassandra.yaml file: replace “/var/lib/cassandra/” with “c:\cassandra\” (3 times)
  6. Edit c:\cassandra\conf\log4j-server.propertie file: replace “/var/log/cassandra/” with “c:\cassandra\log” (1 time)
  7. Start Cassandra engine – from a command line run: c:\cassandra\bin\cassandra.bat. You should be getting: “Listening for thrift clients…”
  8. Start Cassandra CLI – from a command line run: c:\cassandra\bin\cassandra-cli.bat. You should be getting: “Welcome to Cassandra CLI”
  9. Done!

You can now keep going with the getting-started page, skip to step 4

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