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IE10 and IE11 compatibility view – missing icon and default behaviour

Well, you probably figured the icon is missing, and that you can get it ‘somewhere in the menu’ 🙂 There are actually 2 problems with the new concept: You can no longer select it on demand – it decides for you (based on MS lists of ‘known’ compatibility-needed sites. The only way for you to […]

IE7 select box shrinking – workaround

Apparently this is a known issue The workaround, as mentioned here works, except that you might want to apply only for IE7 (could be hundreds of dynamic entries) The googled solution for detecting IE7 with jquery is obsolete, since jQuery obsoleted the browser element. They suggest working with feature detection or modernizr, but if you only […]

Matlab – simple half-toning example

Hi 🙂 Let’s Map each pixel from the source image (grayscale) to 4 pixels in the destination image (binary), such that each destination pixel is “lighted” with white (1), based on a different thresholding: [0-50] – do nothing [51-101] – light #3 [102-152] – light #2 [153-203] – light #4 [204-255] – light #1   […]