IE10 and IE11 compatibility view – missing icon and default behaviour

· IE10, IE11

Well, you probably figured the icon is missing, and that you can get it ‘somewhere in the menu’ 🙂

There are actually 2 problems with the new concept:

  1. You can no longer select it on demand – it decides for you (based on MS lists of ‘known’ compatibility-needed sites. The only way for you to test your site for IE7 compatibility is to add it from the menu back and forth. arrrrrr.
  2. The more problematic issue – it has a default rule for all intranet sites! now, If you develop for the enterprise, like I do, that’s a very bad default behaviour – it pretty much assumes all Intranet sites suck! Well, they used to, but that’s what we’re here for, right?. So, the best advice here is to turn it off, as a developer, and that you MUST check everything on IE7, since everybody else in your enterprise will see exactly that version!!




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