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From Matlab to Java To Matlab

Lately, most of my testers are either Java or Matlab. You can’t do (not in linear time 🙂 ) your Matlab magics with Java, and you can only dream on your Java OOD capabilities when working with Matlab… A nice workaround is to combine your testers; work on your main programming language of interest, and […]

Design Driven Development (DDD) vs SOA, for JAVA

To SOA or to DDD? Again, today, I had to select between the two, for a new project I’m designing. In short: SOA is inherently built on a stateless model object concept, allowing it to be super loosely coupled. Objects traveling between layers as serialized data, regenerating themselves on each de-serialization. This is loosely 🙂 […]

Matlab – pass variable by reference?

The short answer – N/A 😦 The quick workaround: function [ varByRef ] = my_function ( varByRef )   …   varByRef = some_val; end  

tablesorter – IE7 shrinking select boxes fix

I already blogged about the issue of IE7 shrinking select boxes bug whenever select options are added dynamically. I just noted that the same issue reproduces when using tablesorter filter-select feature. This great widget by mottie automatically generates select boxes per <th> that is marked with “filter-select” class. Since on every sort and filter event the whole table […]

tablesorter stickyHeaders – allowing HTML header

Tablesorter by itself works great – it embeds into each HTML table  nicely, wherever it is. $(‘#my_table’).tablesorter();   But when you have many rows, without paging, you might want to freeze the 1st row (the column row). Here tablesorter allows a nice widget to run: $(‘table’).tablesorter({  widgets: [‘stickyHeaders’]} ) The widget seemlessly imlements a double header mechanism: […]

Visual Studio 2013 – 1st impressions

After trying to download the whole ISO from my MSDN bizspark for about 5 times (come on Microsoft – will you please fix that downloader issue?) – I simply tried the web installer – so that’s probably my first advice here 🙂 Installation was long but smooth. When you’re asked for your Microsoft account, and […]