From Matlab to Java To Matlab

· Interoperability, JAVA, Matlab

Lately, most of my testers are either Java or Matlab.

You can’t do (not in linear time 🙂 ) your Matlab magics with Java, and you can only dream on your Java OOD capabilities when working with Matlab…

A nice workaround is to combine your testers; work on your main programming language of interest, and call back and forth to the other one:

From Java to Matlab:

The idea is create a “Matlab Control” and then run (=evaluate) Matlab code:

  1. MatlabControl.eval(String your_matlab_command)
  2. MatlabControl.feval(String your_matlab_function_name, Object[] args)

The complete solution from: Kamin Whitehouse


From Matlab to Java (a little more built-in):

  • For using Java objects:


  • For using static Java methods:


The complete official Matlab link

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