Running Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana (ELK) as Windows Services – simple instructions

· elasticsearch, kibana, logstash

I wanted to share the “short version” I gathered for running the ELK stack as services on a windows server.

I’m assuming these versions: ElasticSearch 1.4.4, LogStash 1.4.2, Kibana 4.0.0; and C:\ as the root folder for all installation (more like zip extractions..)


cd C:\elasticsearch-1.4.4\bin

service.bat install


cd C:\logstash-1.4.2\bin

c:\nssm-2.24\win64\nssm install logstash.bat



cd C:\kibana-4.0.0-windows\bin

c:\nssm-2.24\win64\nssm install kibana.bat


Done 🙂

You should now be able to browse to localhost:5601 on your server

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