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Python design patterns #5: observer (aka: pub-sub)

The observer is probably the GOF pattern with the most impact on networking. It is a massaging pattern by itself. It’s quite simple, though. The subscribers, interested with a certain topic, subscribe with a publisher for updates regarding that topic. The publisher, triggered by our topic-aware system, then publishes the topic updates to the right subscribers. Use case Every […]

odata-editor now supports verb tunneling and secondary sort by fk

odata-editor, a simple REST client for the OData protocol, now supports: verb tunneling – substituting DELETE, PUT, PATCH and MERGE for POST, using X-HTTP-Method header. (for blocking servers / FWs) secondary sort by fk column .Currently limited to 1 column ascending ————————— I’m looking for contributors for enhancements and localization support 🙂 Feel free to “Star” on GitHub […]