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Data Science Research Architect; 18+ years of Diverse, Hands-on, Innovation. The author of several Patents and open-source libraries. * Leading DS Team with Multi-Vector Data Science Cyber Research * (machine learning, bioinformatics, signal processing; python & scikit eco-system)

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Python design patterns #5: observer (aka: pub-sub)

The observer is probably the GOF pattern with the most impact on networking. It is a massaging pattern by itself. It’s quite simple, though. The subscribers, interested with a certain topic, subscribe with a publisher for updates regarding that topic. The publisher, triggered by our topic-aware system, then publishes the topic updates to the right subscribers. Use case Every […]

Python design patterns #4: visitor

Another favorite. Much simpler than the decorator, but sleeker no less:) Who left the door open? What if we could let someone operate over our object, whoever that someone was, whatever our object looks like and for any possible reason? Intuitively a door left open comes to mind. Its not a matter of having the […]

Logistic regression – polynomial kernel, using simdfied

As I mentioned in my previous post, a linear decision boundary is rarely enough to describe a real life decision boundary. The Idea behind a non-linear logistic regression algorithms is to “grasp” the more complex mathematical relationship between our set of X features and their respective y label. One way is finding a polynomial relation, also known […]

Linear regression example, using simdfied

Let’s test drive simdfied library with a linear regression example. We’ll use, that uses simdfied for Machine Learning and can read csv or mat files. For example, a csv file representing house prices according to its square-foot and number of bedrooms: square foot, #bedrooms, price 2461.68 , 4 , 467883 1872, 4 , 385983 And […]

SIMD.JS – another step towards pure ML in javascript

With a cross-giants collaboration between Intel and the leading modern browsers Mozilla and Google-Chrome, a native javascript SIMD performance is now available! In his article, Bringing SIMD to JavaScript, Mohammad Reza Haghighat presents interesting benchmarks running complicated visualizations. I’m much more interested with the ML implications of using SIMD over javascript. I believe this joint effort should […]

Google’s Managed VMs will let us “embed” IaaS withing PaaS!

Originally posted on mor krispil:
Google’s Managed VMs will let us “embed” IaaS withing PaaS! Now this is brilliant. In their early preview Google would allow for us to “embed” any trouble-maker-3rd-party-no-sandbox-etc part of our app as a Managed VM, keeping us within the great PaaS world, without the need for crazy interops or, god forbid, turning…