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Dolphin Community Detection; using Louvain and Edge-Betweenness-Centrality algorithms

I wanted to share my final data-science assignment from “Coursera Illinois Data Visualization” course Hi-Res Image Live demo – see the “Result” tab An un-directed social network of frequent associations between 62 dolphins in a community living off Doubtful Sound, New Zealand The original data from My goal was to improve the original network plot from UCI You could […]

Linear regression example, using simdfied

Let’s test drive simdfied library with a linear regression example. We’ll use, that uses simdfied for Machine Learning and can read csv or mat files. For example, a csv file representing house prices according to its square-foot and number of bedrooms: square foot, #bedrooms, price 2461.68 , 4 , 467883 1872, 4 , 385983 And […]

Announcing simdfied, an open-source Machine Learning library, utilizing SIMD

Lately I’ve been working on simdfied – a Machine Learning javascript library, utilizing SIMD! Earlier this year, Intel announced their collaboration with Google and Mozilla, enabling a preview native SIMD support for firefox-nightly and chromium browsers;  they provided some really nice stats for gaming implementations. For me it was time for an idea I’ve had for a while; implementing a javascript […]

NoSQL Distributed Algorithms

NoSQL Distributed Algorithms A very thorough article by Ilya Katsov, covering every aspect of read and write tradeoffs for every CAP variation. The best in its class.