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Scaling *up* Hadoop for under-100-GB jobs

Scaling *up* Hadoop for under-100 GB jobs “Nobody ever got Ô¨Āred for buying a cluster” – A very interesting Microsoft research paper implying: Most common huge jobs are still under 100GB (yes, including the elephant friendly Facebook) Addressing the “problematic” issue of “when and how to distribute with Hadoop”, if any? Addressing the cost efficiency […]

When Lucene met Hadoop. The Blur project

When Lucene met Hadoop. The Blur project So expected. Still incubating, but looking good ūüôā Though, only a complete Solr-over-Hadoop solution would close the deal, in my opinion

Pivotal HD – early access registration stage

Pivotal HD is, in short, about wrapping Hadoop distribution nicely with full SQL support and easy virtualization and storage integration, from Pivotal’s parents EMC & VMware. Pivotal HD –¬†

HadoopOnAzure is now HDInsight

HadoopOnAzure is now officially HDInsight! It is now officially integrated as one of the WindowsAzure platform services

Hadoop over Azure

Great news for Big Data fans who want to use their existing Azure platforms: Microsoft Embraces Elephant of Open Source (Wired Enterprise |  Sign up for CTP:  You need to enroll first: