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Informix giving a fight for RDBMS; supporting MongoDB types. And sharding..

As of version 12.10.xC2 Informix supports MongoDB-like formats: json and bson.    Combined with the powerful RDBMS features like fully atomicity, and modern partitioning it can now give a powerful Hybrid solution! You can look at it as the RDBMS answer to the NoSQL column-support.. Add to that the maturity of informix and you get […]

NoSQL Distributed Algorithms

NoSQL Distributed Algorithms A very thorough article by Ilya Katsov, covering every aspect of read and write tradeoffs for every CAP variation. The best in its class.

Cassandra data consistency tuning

Cassandra data consistency tuning A great overview of Cassandra’s consistency tuning options for both reads and writes, by DataStax

Cassandra on Windows 8 (without DataStax)

In addition to other OS Cassandra’s binaries, for Windows DataStax provides an MSI installation and the ability to run as a service. If you want the basic binaries to run on Windows (like in the getting started page –, follow these simple steps: Java – as a prerequisite – (make sure JAVA_HOME is set) Download the tarball […]

Neo4j windows 8 setup

I wanted to share some small issues I found during the simple setup and db-start actions of Neo4j over Windows 8 Download the windows community edition of Neo4j for Windows from here: If your extracting it to C:/ folder, like me, you’ll need to run the start batch file from a command line with admin […]

mongoDB over python in 10 minutes

Install mongoDB – a great, yet simple, document oriented NoSQL DB  Install PyMongo – looks like the simplest Python driver for mongoDB (needs Python, of course) Start querying in no time! To read some more: About mongoDB About BSON format Basic CRUD operations

Cassandra on Windows in 10 minutes!

DataStax provides several OS-specific cassandra distributions, including a simple Windows Installer that installs Cassandra and sets it to run as a service (some basic config might be needed)